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Not to be dramatic, but being in the twenty one pilots fandom isn't a hobby—it's a culture.

After all, the Skeleton Clique has seen the astronomical rise of two boys from Ohio into worldwide superstars that continue to smash worldwide records and top charts. How can you see all that and not feel attached?

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Through it all, some seriously hilarious inside jokes have arisen in the fandom—some out of fun, some out of struggle. From Tour de Columbus to Sleepers to the end of the Blurryface era, we've really been through it. We pulled our favorite tweets that only the biggest fans will understand. All credit to the truly hilarious fans that had us laughing out loud while writing this list! What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

1. Tour de Columbus really did us like that.


2. Where is the justice for Grammy-worthy song “Doubt”?


3. Remember that weirdly emo eclipse playlist and the Clique as frick NASA intern?


4. That time Tyler Joseph floated through space and time:


5. You know this was Tyler after he attacked everyone during “Trees” at the last show.


6. This is hilarious and needs no comment.


7. Literally me during “Goner.”


8. We all want to save our show confetti, but she went too far.