Like any Millennial who watched too much TV as a teenager, I’ve spent a lot of time doing the following:
1. telling anyone who will listen that no form of TV programming will ever come close to touching TGIF.
2. wondering (often aloud) if I’ll ever experience a love like Cory and Topanga’s.
3. wishing I had a dog named Porkchop and a best friend named Skeeter.
4. talking about the “glory days” of MTV. (The “glory days” vary from person to person, but for me it was the late ’90s to mid-2000s.)

Not so long ago, MTV had some pretty awesome programming: Say What? Karaoke, Undressed, Spyder Games (Does anyone else remember this soap?) and of course, TRL. The show, which counted down the day’s top 10 music videos as voted on by fans, ran until 2008, but I stopped watching after Carson Daly left for late night in 2002. TRL championed the new wave of pop music, but it also featured a surprising amount of AP bands on the countdown. (Does anyone else remember when Madonna was on the show and Carson Daly asked her if she liked Korn? Madge’s response: “I love corn. I eat it every day.”) Sixteen of AP’s former cover stars even made it to the coveted No. 1 spot.

Thanks to some very dedicated TRL fans, the complete list of No. 1 songs from the show’s 10-year history is available online. Join us as we walk down memory lane…


“Love Like Winter” – Reached No. 1 six times between Sept. and Oct. 2006

All-American Rejects

“Move Along” – Reached No. 1 five times in Feb. 2006

Avenged Sevenfold

“Bat Country” – Reached No. 1 10 times between Dec. 2005 and Jan. 2006


“Feeling This” – Reached No. 1 five times between Dec. 2003 and Jan. 2004