This year is going to be crucial for many acts, but for those listed below, there’s a good chance this will be their most fruitful year yet. Take a look and take note—you don’t want to sleep on any of these bands.



Household, who were featured in our February issue, are destined to break out of our scene in breakneck fashion. Boasting a sound not unlike a Being As An Ocean/the Story So Far lovechild, the Minneapolis quintet released their debut studio album, Time Spent, in 2015. They will spend this year becoming your new favorite band.  Don't sleep on our scene's next-big-thing.



Caleb Shomo put Beartooth on the map in 2014 with debut LP Disgusting. This year will bring the band’s second LP, which, according to Shomo, will be reminiscent of Disgusting. That means sheer aggressiveness, prominent sing-alongs and unforgettable choruses. Watch out for Beartooth this year—they're about to become one the scene's biggest metal acts.


Knocked Loose

Knocked Loose are the best hardcore-produced metalcore band in recent memory. With powerful riffs, pit-inducing mosh calls and big plans for 2016, expect the KL crew to two-step through your city very soon.


Neck Deep

In 2015, Neck Deep became pop-punk's headmasters with their breakout effort, Life's Not Out To Get You. This year, they're going to set the stage for their crucial third full-length by touring, touring and touring some more. Catch them in those venues while you can—they'll be headlining much larger ones very soon.


Silent Planet

Silent Planet are taking metalcore and giving it a much-needed revitalization. 2014's The Night God Slept showed unexpected, but welcomed, maturity to the genre. 2016 promises a new album and extensive touring—expect a breed of metalcore like you've never experienced before.


This Wild Life

This Wild Life burst onto the scene in 2014 with their infatuating debut LP, Clouded. Since then, they've toured, recorded and toured some more. This year will bring the band's crucial sophomore effort. The question is: Will it be a slump or a success? We're leaning toward the latter.


Jesus Piece

2015 brought Jesus Piece’s debut self-titled EP, which they’ve used to energize venues all across the East coast. The group’s straight forward offerings of old school, riff-heavy metal and hardcore-centered breakdowns will turn any dance floor into mosh pit central. Jesus Piece demand your attention, and this writer recommends you start giving it to them now.


The Front Bottoms

Fueled By Ramen put the Front Bottoms' breed of indie-emo-folk-punk-whatever on the map in 2015. This year, they're going to play Coachella and most likely become one of our scene's oddest breakout bands of all time.



Turnover may have birthed themselves out of pop punk, but they've quickly evolved into something so much more. The band's whimsical 2015 effort, Peripheral Vision, is unlike anything our scene has ever latched onto before. It's honest yet refreshing, untouched yet accessible. Turnover have found their niche, and it's quite beautiful.



Indiana's ForeverAtLast made 2015 their biggest year yet with Ghosts Again—an unabashed ode to '00s alt-emo with a new wave twist. They supported the LP, which premiered exclusively on AP, with extensive touring and developing genuine relationships with their fanbase. While outlying factors attempt to gnaw at their heels, expect FAL to defy the odds and become a force to be reckoned with in 2016.



Gideon released their metallic-hardcore juggernaut, Calloused, in 2014. This year, they will release their crucial follow-up effort and determine whether or not they're a band that will settle for the status quo or rise above if for something far greater.


Better Off

Better Off's Milk was one of 2015's most underrated albums. People will begin acknowledging that sentiment after the band kick 2016 off with a tour alongside Mayday Parade and the Maine. Do yourself a favor and listen to Milk now, before all your friends are gushing over it.



In 2014, PVRIS broke onto the scene with their dark-pop masterpiece, White Noise. Since then, they've propelled their journey to the top with a stint on Warped Tour, a Skully for Breakthrough Artist, their debut television performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and shows alongside Twenty One Pilots, Bring Me The Horizon and many others. We can't wait to see what they have in store for this year. 



Kentucky's Greyhaven take the stylings of Every Time I Die and letlive. and place them inside a blender of sheer aggression and passion-filled soul. There’s a good chance you’ve yet to hear of Greyhaven, so take this opportunity to introduce yourself to one of heavy music’s most notable up-and-comers.



In 2007, Polyenso began under the moniker Oceana and offered a dynamic post-hardcore sound. In the years since, their offerings have evolved into a progressive blend of indie rock and electronica, with hints of jazz and hip hop sprinkled throughout. The band will release their sophomore full-length effort, Pure In The Plastic, April 1. Check out “17 New Years,” a direct testament to how great Polyenso truly are.


Pierce The Veil

This year will bring with it Pierce The Veil’s long-awaited fourth full-length album. The hype levels—which are currently through the roof—will only continue to rise. Will PTV be able to live up to what they’ve built? Or is that simply too arduous of a task at this point? We’re gonna go out on a limb and say they have things covered. Pierce The Veil are going to take over the scene in 2016.