Track: “Poison Pen Letter”
Lyric: “Cause all you turned out to be was a fallacy
Definition: noun; a wrong belief : a false or mistaken idea


Track: “Everything Must Go”
Lyric: “So now all that I've got anymore/Is some leverage to settle the score”
Definition: noun; influence or power used to achieve a desired result


Track: ”Disdain”
Lyric: “And if you let me stay I'll keep out of your way/My space is yours to occupate
Definition: verb; to occupy or take up space


Track: “Transparency”
Lyric: “Where’s the sustenance in being ostentatious?”
Definition: adjective; attracting or fond of attracting attention by showing off wealth or cleverness


Track: “But Why Would You Care?”
Lyric: “These hands are broken and calloused, but nobody seems to notice/And you yelled it into permanence
Definition: noun; the quality or state of being permanent or everlasting


Track: “Pretense”
Lyric: “I’ll leave you in the dark with a broken flashlight/You left me with a choice and a pretense
Definition: noun; a false reason or explanation that is used to hide the real purpose of something


Track: “Swing”
Lyric: “I’ve been feeling stagnant and cracked underneath”
Definition: adjective; not active, changing or progressing


Track: “Transparency”
Lyric: “Where’s the sustenance in being ostentatious?”
Definition: noun; something that gives support, endurance or strength