Guitarist Josh Farro left Paramore along with his brother and drummer Zac in 2010. Josh launched Novel American in 2011, which Zac would join later, but eventually they pulled the plug on the band and parted ways to focus on fronting new projects—Zac with the ambient band HalfNoise (who also released a full-length this year titled Sudden Feeling) and Josh with his indie effort, Farro. Josh released his first Farro single, “Color Rush,” in November 2014, but his debut full-length Walkways didn’t drop until February of this year. Farro supported the Rocket Summer on his Zoetic Tour in the spring and wrapped up the year with a headlining U.K. tour in November.


Former Hopeless Records signees There For Tomorrow released two full-lengths and two EPs via the label before self-releasing their final EP, Nightscape, and calling it quits in 2014. Frontman Maika Maile and drummer Chris Kamrada reunited under the name AFTRHR with a new single, “So Divine,” in December 2015. Since then, AFTRHR have released another single, “Perfect,” in June, while Maile launched an eponymous solo project with debut single “Dark Circles” on Oct. 18. Both projects have been teasing something in the works since each respective single was dropped, so only time will tell what’s next.


Shane Told has been fronting Silverstein since their 2000 debut, and in October 2015, he revealed plans for a solo project onstage while opening for the Wonder Years in Toronto. Further details were divulged in late January, when Told announced the project —dubbed River Oaks—had a self-titled debut EP available. River Oaks will be closing out the year by embarking on a mini U.S. tour with support from former Spitalfield frontman Mark Rose.


Wonder Years’ frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell launched his solo project, Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties, in May 2014, citing in an introductory video that he had a desire to “expand lyrically and as a songwriter.” His solo debut We Don’t Have Each Other, which was produced by the Early November’s Ace Enders, is about the worst year in West’s life. The follow-up EP, Bittersweet, dropped in May 2016.


Anthony Green is a busy man. This year marked his return to Saosin in the form of the Epitaph Records release Along The Shadow. Circa Survive will also be hitting the road for an On Letting Go 10-year anniversary tour early next year, and Green confirmed via a Reddit AMA that a new album is on the horizon. Despite his dedication to other projects, he found the time to pour his heart into a collection of tracks for his fourth solo full-length, Pixie Queen, which dropped in September.


Mat Kerekes fronts Citizen but also dabbles with hardcore act Power Wrench. He’s released two splits: one solely with Spitback in 2014 and another with Spitback and the equally hardcore Snarl (fronted by the Story So Far’s Parker Cannon) in 2015. Kerekes also helms a more Citizen-like solo project that dropped a debut self-titled EP in 2014 and a full-length, Luna & The Wild Blue Everything, in August of this year. He released a video for “My Lucky #3,” which he collaborated on with Citizen guitarist Ryland Oehlers for the latter’s directorial debut. Kerekes also joined Secret Space in opening for Anthony Green on his Pixie Queen Tour this past September.


Valencia announced their hiatus in October 2011, playing a final show in December of that year. Five years later, they broke their silence and announced two reunion shows slated for this December, but between then and now, frontman Shane Henderson kept busy. Henderson turned to work on Shane Henderson And The Future Perfect, self-releasing the  Control EP in 2013. This year, he moved on from that and dusted off Promise Of Redemption, a project he had been working on since the early 2000s. He released two albums under that name—The Lights That Flicker Will Surely Fade in 2004 and When The Flowers Bloom… in 2008—before Valencia started to take off. In May, Henderson signed to Know Hope Records, a label co-owned by Valencia guitarist JD Perry. Promise Of Redemption dropped a blend of acoustic and full band tracks on the Where You Ought To Be EP in July through the label.


Cobra Starship announced their end via a farewell from frontman Gabe Saporta on the band’s website in November 2015. Keytarist and backing vocalist Victoria Asher has never shied away from the creative arts, having assisted director Thomas Cobb on the opening title sequences for Orange Is The New Black and Homeland, as well as director Michel Gondry on a Nespresso commercial starring George Clooney. Asher also co-directed one of Cobra Starship’s music videos, “Kiss My Sass,” so it’s no surprise she would direct her own solo debut for the sugary-sweet pop anthem “Protect This Love” that dropped this April. Her website reveals an EP is in the works, and she has recently been teasing via social media with stills of her next music video for an unreleased track, “Push Comes To Shove.”


Like Iero, My Chemical Romance guitarist/backing vocalist Ray Toro embarked on a solo career following the band’s breakup announcement in March 2013. Toro posted his first (and totally DIY) solo song “Isn’t That Something” in May of that year. He launched a website in August 2014 with a few more demos and the announcement he would be entering the studio with producer Doug McKean (who also produced Gerard Way’s 2014 solo release Hesitant Alien). Toro released his next track, “For The Lost And Brave,” in January 2015 after being motivated to share the song following the suicide of 17-year-old transgender girl Leelah Alcorn. Toro released another snippet of solo material titled “Hope For The World” in July of this year, and “Take The World” in October. His debut album Remember The Laughter dropped Nov. 18, and it included many of the songs he had teased fans with since 2013. He wrote all of the songs and played most of the instruments on the album himself.