Whether you're excited to be heading back to school—or dreading the thought entirely—nothing feels as good as getting to class with your favorite artists tagging right alongside you. We picked out the best merchandise that you'll want to pick up as you head back to the classroom so you can carry your books and rep your favorite band.

Issues drawstring bag, $10

Make physical education the realest with an Issues gym bag.

PVRIS watch, $30

You'll be on time for every class with a PVRIS watch.

State Champs portable charger, $14

Make it around the world and back (or at least around the school) with a fully charged phone using State Champs' nifty portable charger.

Mayday Parade pencils, $6

Share your excitement for Mayday Parade's ‘Tales Told By Dead Friends’ 10-year tour (and take good notes) with these Mayday Parade pencils.

Twenty One Pilots athletic shorts, $30

You'll be the coolest kid in the gym with these Twenty One Pilots athletic shorts.

All Time Low calendar, $17.95

Your schedule might actually be bearable if it's written out on an All Time Low calendar.

Paramore notebook, $10

Sure, studying might seem like misery business. Make it more tolerable by using a rocking Paramore notebook.

New Found Glory mug, $10

Use this mug to help keep awake during those late-night study sessions. Because, really, we'll sleep when we die.

Melanie Martinez pillowcase, $20

Sleep sound with a Melanie Martinez pillowcase—your dorm is sure to look like a dream.