Here at AP, we go to a lot of shows. And like any good music fan, we make sure to make a beeline for the merch table before the night’s over. Nowadays, band merch is more than just a bunch of T-shirts you screenprinted in your mom’s basement. We’ve seen beach towels from the Wonder Years, hot sauce from Pierce The Veil, varsity sweaters from I See Stars, beer koozies from Candy Hearts and Christmas sweaters from everyone. But there’s something about the band tee that never gets old. (They don’t call it a classic for nothing.) Here are some band shirts we stumbled across this year that gave us a laugh, caught our eye or made us do a double-take.

Did you come across an awesome T-shirt at a show this year? We’ve only scraped the surface of all the awesomeness going on at merch tables across the country this year, so leave us a comment below if there’s one we should know about!

Blessthefall x Shirts For A Cure
Blessthefall x Shirts For A Cure


Bring Me The Horizon
Ermahgerd Bring Mer The Hurizen


Candy Hearts
Pizza Is My Boyfriend

Falling In Reverse
I Hated Ronnie Radke Before It Was Cool

For The Foxes
Ryan Gosling For The Foxes