It’s pretty safe to assume that Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight has absolutely no filter for his thoughts, which has lent to some pretty hilarious tweets. Head below to see some of his best work when it comes to calling out all those who have done him wrong.

1. Verified internet DJs


Clearly Awsten has no time for people trying to boost their followers.

2. A pharmaceutical company

This threat is as about as colorful as his hair is blue.

3. Arby’s and Bing

We’d really love to know how this fast food chain and Iinternet search engine crossed him.

4. Girls who dressed as Harley Quinn for Halloween

He was clearly so over the abundance of Puddin’ necklaces and Daddy’s Lil Monster tees.

5. Dove chocolate

His literal interpretation of a fancy chocolate brand made for an interesting visual.

6. Dr. Pepper commercials


Being late to a meme is obviously one of the biggest sins of the Iinternet.

7. Orange juice that isn’t from HEB or Whole Foods


He’s certainly not shy about his love of particular brands of orange juice.

8. “Adult” advice

We’re just thankful this didn’t end up looking like an episode of Catfish: The TV Show.

9. Vine fame

Thankfully he no longer has to worry about this one (R.I.P.).