Mason-Jar – “Day Job”

Punk rockers Mason-Jar released their first single, “Day Job,” from their album Sleep It Off, out this summer.

Screamfeeder – “All Over It Again”

Brisbane-based Screamfeeder released their new album, Pop Guilt, featuring the single “All Over It Again.”

Bent Knee – “Terror Bird”

Boston-based art-rock sextet Bent Knee released their new album Land Animal June 23, featuring the single “Terror Bird.”

Toyko – “Beautiful”

Toyko released their loungey new single, “Beautiful.”

NØMADS – “Dementophøbia”

NØMADS released “Dementophøbia,” the June installment of their ongoing, yearlong conceptual album Phøbiac, with each song being a case study based around a different rare or clinical phobia. Dementophobia is the fear of losing one's mind, and its accompanying single is a blistering, post-punk explosion that captures the duo’s dynamic nature.

Taylor Phelan – “Settle Down”

Indie rock artist Phelan released “Settle Down,” the first single from his 2017 summer release.

To Speak of Wolves – “Haunt Me”

To Speak of Wolves debuted their new single “Haunt Me,” taken from their forthcoming album Dead In The Shadow, set to be released July 21.

Courts – “Move The Roots”

Essex-based Courts released their new EP Back Of The Mind, featuring the song “Move The Roots.”

XYLØ – “Alive”

LA electronic alt pop duo XYLØ released their new song “Alive.”

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