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14 iconic 2000s scene fashion staples you can still buy

Honestly, this was peak fashion in our scene.

October 26, 2018
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With the 2000s music scene came a plethora of interesting fashion choices. From sideswept bangs to zip-up hoodies, we knew what the look was and how to make the most of it. We still have vivid memories of raiding Hot Topic every weekend to find the perfect item for our emo wardrobe.

While that era is long gone, with only the occasional guyliner remaining, we dug up some nostalgic items to add to your closet and recreate the iconic look.

1. Rubber bracelets – $8.49

Iconic Scene Item - Rubber Gummy Bracelets

[Photo via Amazon]

These gummy rubber band bracelets and their vibrant counterparts were a lot of people’s first foray into scene style. Relatively inexpensive with the ability to go with anything, these bracelets were even sold at Walmart.

2. Suspenders  $2.29

Iconic scene item - misfits suspenders

[Photo via Amazon]

Whether you have themed suspenders or just vibrantly colored ones, these items came back into style with a bang during the 2000s. Worn over the shoulders or hanging by your thighs, these fashion accessories were perfect to tie your outfit together. While you can get most colored suspenders at Hot Topic, these Misfit suspenders are still available.

3. Studded belts – $19

Were you even a real scene kid if you didn’t wear a studded belt? Even if you didn’t use it for its basic purpose, you probably still had one around your waist over your shirt at an awkward angle. Given its iconic simplicity, this is an easy throwback item you can add to your everyday wardrobe.

4. Leather bracelets – $10.99

Iconic scene item - leather bracelets

[Photo via Amazon]

Variations of leather bracelets were a must when it came to accessorizing an outfit. And the more you had on your wrist, the better. While studded and braided leather bracelets went out of style years ago, there are still some kits floating around online.

5. Striped/plaid pants — $39.50

Iconic scene item - striped pants

[Photo via Hot Topic]

We can’t really explain this one either. If you weren’t wearing your black skinny jeans, you were wearing some version of striped or plaid pants, usually black and white or with some mix of red or purple. For those of you wanting to make a bold fashion statement, both striped and plaid pants can be found.

6. Striped fingerless gloves – $6.95

Iconic scene item - Striped Gloves

[Photo via Amazon]

Striped fingerless gloves were another affordable, easily available thing that emo kids adapted. A great way to stay warm in the winter and give yourself heat stroke in the summer, these gloves in their various colors are still available.

7. Wallet chains — $10.90

Iconic scene item - wallet chain

[Photo via Hot Topic]

Another relatively cheap accessory with some functionality, this was a fashion essential. While you can pick up a cheap chain at your local store, Hot Topic sold colored chains at different measurements. And despite Hot Topic’s overhaul in recent years, this is one item they still carry.


Written by Anna Fair

Senior journalism student at Cleveland State University. Has a varied music taste but in reality listens to the same four bands on repeat for weeks.