8. Black-and-white checkered shoelaces — $6.49

Iconic scene item - checkered shoelaces
[Photo via Amazon]

Why did we all suddenly think that black-and-white checkered patterns were cool? While you could get this pattern on pretty much anything, having it on your shoelaces or even your Vans was the way to go.

9. Buttons — $2

Iconic scene item - emo pin
[Photo via Etsy]

Our wardrobe was filled with these pinback buttons, and they were cheap and easily available. While pins are still available, finding one from our scene days might be a bit tough. Thankfully, you can also get cute custom pins online.

10. Invader Zim merch — $6.90 – 34.90

Iconic scene item - invader zim merch
[Photo via Hot Topic]

Everyone was obsessed with that lil green alien dude with anger issues. If you had some
Invader Zim swag in your wardrobe, it gave you cool kid status—at least for our scene.

11. Sweatband wristbands – $9.99

Iconic scene item - sweatband wristband
[Photo via Amazon]

The scene had an obsession with putting as many things on our wrist as we possibly could. It didn’t matter if we weren’t actually working out. We used sweatbands as bracelets and
embraced it. Soon enough, bands made merch, and the rest is history. These are harder find lately, but you can still find very specific ones.

12. Tripp pants — $59.90

Iconic scene item - tripp pants
[Photo via Hot Topic]

One could argue that Tripp pants were the essential item for your punk look in the 2000s. With wrap around belts, studs and often colorful strips of fabric, these were the tripping hazard we all wanted in our wardrobe. While it’s rare to see Tripp pants anywhere in public today, you can still track them down

13. Neon skinny jeans$32

Iconic scene item - neon skinnies
[Photo via Dollskills]

Obscenely bright colors went hand in hand with the neon pop-punk music we were all listening to in the mid-2000s. That’s why the neon pants in a multitude of colors were such a huge item back then. And if you’re ever feeling bold, you can still get them.

14. Shutter shades — $1.91

Iconic scene item - shutter shades
[Photo via Michael’s]

Who needs a proper line of vision when you can just look cool instead? These shutter shades were absolutely everywhere. Thankfully, you can still pick a pair up for your weekend festivities.