B-side/Bonus Track Of The Year

The Wonder Years – Living Room Song

Vocalist Dan “Soupy” Campbell had this to say about the win: “Last year we were the runner up for B-side of the year. This year we took home the prize. Man, I guess we need to start re-evaluating which songs make the actual record, huh? That was a joke. I know you're always supposed to start acceptance speeches with jokes but in reality we're honored to take this home in a year with so many amazing records that produced so many awesome B-sides. This song was born out of all the doomsday shit I had been hearing between 2012 hype and even moreso the Harold Camping followers. When I heard all of the things that old delusional man was saying, the need to respond bubbled up in me but when I sat down to write lyrics, instead of something angry, all I got was a set of cynical lyrics about how I couldn't possibly believe any of this and the realization that, if something did happen to wipe out humanity, I'm happy with the life I've lead and the people I've surrounded myself with. I brought these lyrics to practice one day, Casey already had a perfect chord progression and in an hour, the song was written (actually in a living room too). We recorded it at Moonlight Studios outside Cincinnati on The Manscout Jamboree with Fireworks/Make Do and Mend/Living With Lions and the rest is AP Readers Poll History.”

“Friends are everything and this song preaches it the best.”  —Dan Hartman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


2. Black Veil Brides – Smoke And Mirrors

“Basically, I can relate to this song a lot. I used to hide who I really was. This really just talks about my life.” —Lucy Mac, Falkirk, United Kingdom

3. Panic! At The Disco – Oh Glory

“I heard a clip from this song a few years back. I've been wondering if I would ever hear anything of it again, and I'm so glad it got released as a bonus track!” —Millie Dawson, Wallasey, United Kingdom

4. Of Mice & Men – When You Can't Sleep At Night

“Shayley's voice is beautiful.” —Austin Garcia, Thatcher, Arizona

5. Yellowcard – Promises

“Because it's a fun song.” —Charlene Mendez, Tempe, Arizona