We've lost a lot of great bands recently, but still have hope that they will return. The MCRmy swept this round, casting nearly 3,000 votes. That's the most we've received for any one act in a category so far!

3. Underoath

“All these metalcore groups can't forget how it SHOULD be done.”
–Paul Quinones, @paulquiznos | Peoria, AZ

2. Woe, Is Me

“They were only getting started! They put out Genesi[s] and it was so good! They released the American Dream EP and left their fans waiting for more then just broke up out of nowhere :(“
–Julian Hernandez, @Killa_Jules22 | Rochester, NY

1. My Chemical Romance

“I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we want MCR back! I fell in love with them when I was a little girl and I never wanted to see a childhood band of mine break up after 12 years. Fall Out Boy got back together after a six year hiatus… Why can't MCR come back?”
–Kelsey Penny | Spokane, WA



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