3. We Came As RomansTracing Back Roots
We came As Romans Tracing Back Roots | AltPress 2013 Readers Poll
“I love how metaphoric it is, how it shows branching out, but still staying rooted. I also love how it still goes along with the themes of their previous releases.”
–Savannah Dunsmore, @DamnItSavannah | Tazewell, TN

2. Bring Me The HorizonSempiternal
Sempiternal - Bring Me The Horizon | 2013 AltPress Readers Poll
“The Flower of Life was a great choice for the definition of Sempiternal: eternal, always lasting. This album definitely made an impact and the Flower can be seen everywhere now.”
–Carlee Eldredge, onyxkilljoy | Gainesville, TX

1. Black Veil BridesWretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones
Black Veil Brides | Best Album Art, 2013 AltPress Readers Poll
“It shows a tale of a battle in a single image, which I find to be amazing. The battle between us and society is one that's ever going and I think they e really captured it through not only their music, but in every aspect possible.”
–Beverly Velazquez, @quebula | Decatur, IN

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