Every month, AP scouts a handful of unisgned artists to feature in the AP&R section of the magazine. Many of our picks go on to seal deals with record labels and become your new favorites. You thought we totally nailed it when we placed the following bands in AP&R this year!

3. SayWeCanFly

“He's really dedicated to music and very close to his fans. You can tell that he genuinely puts his whole heart into his music and that's something that not all artists do nowadays.”
–Ashley Harris, @ashleybear97 | Warren, MI

2. Jocelyn

“They promote relentlessly and have just put out their second great ep THIS YEAR. They're starting to catch people's attention and that's really great.”
–Deanna Tyd, @tonguetyd | Hoboken, NJ

1. Neck Deep

“Many people checked them out and love them now. Their lyrics are piercing. They hit you in the soul and mean so much.”
–Veronyca Rodriguez, @V_raaaaaaad | Levittown, PA


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