With each issue of AP, we aim to inform, entertain and bring you the best information about all your favorite artists. These are the articles you said were the best we wrote this year!

3. The Oral History of Fall Out Boy's Take This To Your Grave (AP 303)

“It had me interested from start to finish. It actually gave me chills.”
–Kayla Bowen, zombiekayla | Beulaville, NC

2. Pierce The Veil cover story (AP 296)

“Because that article really gets into why this band has such an amazing connection with their fans and pretty much sums up why I think they are this generation's My Chemical Romance.”
–Candace Wilson, @jaxthevampire | Hesperia, CA

1. The Making Of Andy Biersack (AP 305)

“That story was very inspirational. Andy worked so hard to get to where he wanted and he didn't give up. He knew what he wanted and he went for it. It brought tears to my eyes because I was so happy he got what he wanted. He deserves to be where he is now because he really worked. I think it shows other people that you can make your dreams become a reality if you just work and never give up.”
–Kara Martin, @KaraMartin8 | Basildon, UK

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