3. Issues – “Hooligans”

“These guys are gonna be huge! Great mix with Tyler's smooth singing and range and Michaels brutal vocals.”
–Dalton Hinton, @daltonrayhinton | Van Buren, MO

2. Bring Me The Horzon – “Shadow Moses”

“This song is sick. And it really comes down to hearing an entire crowd of people shout 'This Is Sempiternal' when BMTH plays this live.”
–Max Blake, @max_blake | Shoreline, WA

1. All Time Low – “A Love Like War” (ft. Vic Fuentes)

“They combined Vic and Alex's voices so well. Jack's solo is sick. Rian kills it on the drums. Zack keeps everything flowing with the bass chords. The entire song is amazing and the video was even better.”
–Victoria Llano, alandwherechaosreigns | San Antonio, TX


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