Every year, the AP staff pours our hearts into 12 new issues in hopes that you can learn more about your favorite bands and perhaps discover some new ones. The following are the fan favorites for 2014.

AP 312 – Warped Tour

YOU SAY: “I always love the Warped Tour issue! Not only does it feature some of my favorite artists on the cover, but it has such a great article inside about the bands playing on Warped. I loved this years edition because it features past Warped performers and some of their stories.” —Mackenzie Thomas – Columbia, MO


AP 309AP 309 – 100 Bands Bands You Need To Know In 2014
YOU SAY: “I look forward to this issue every year. I'm always looking for new music, and there were some incredible bands in this issue. Some were bands I'd heard of, but after seeing them in this issue and checking them about a bit more, and in some cases seeing the bands live shortly afterward, I fell in love with them — Issues, Real Friends, and Sleepwave, to name a few.” —Allison Milliard – Boston, MA

AP 316 twenty one pilotsAP 316 – Twenty One Pilots
YOU SAY: “twenty one pilots, previously passed over by mainstream media, has won our hearts. Learning more about them (and clearing up some lyrics) only made me love them more. It both brought them down to a fans’ level and skyrocketed them to a higher echelon (higher than Tyler can climb).” –Lily – Edmonds, WA

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