From The Editor’s Floor: The Academy Is…

August 21, 2008
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More and more musicians have blogs these days. Inviting fans into the inner workings of their brains, a growing number of band members are using their web journals as a forum to showcase stuff that isn’t necessarily directly related to their band. THE ACADEMY IS… frontman WILLIAM BECKETT recently jumped onto the blog bandwagon with thewilliambeckettblog.com because, well, TAI’s MySpace isn’t exactly the best venue for him to post his prose poetry and short stories–although you probably shouldn’t refer to it with the “B”-word.

“It’s a very useful thing for me to be writing,” he explains. “I hate saying ‘blogging,’ but [I write] journal entries and post some prose poetry. I do a couple [of] posts every day. There are photos and stuff, too. I just want to have a place where I can vent.

“And if it weren’t for [the blog], people wouldn’t know how sweet Mike [Carden, guitarist] is at always finding the funniest shit on YouTube. He’s been stockpiling some [links] and I’m going to start putting them up there. It’s not so exclusive when it’s just me.” —Emily Zemler

Written by AltPress