The Video Music Awards are tonight, and they’ve included a few standouts in the nominees for the rock music videos category. But so many music videos had to be left out, many of them having just come out in the past eight months.

Here are 12 great music videos that have debuted so far in 2016.

Beartooth: “Aggressive”

Beartooth's entire music video for “Aggressive” is the image of aggressiveness. At one point, a rock is thrown at a random stranger.


Sum 41: “Fake My Own Death”

Sum 41 gets into the depths of the internet with this video, which shows different memes and video clips destroying a city.


Twenty One Pilots: “Heathens”

“Heathens” is nominated for the best rock music video, and rightfully so. It incorporates tons of footage from Suicide Squad, which was basically the most anticipated movie of the summer. Add in TOP, and you’ve got a hit of a video.


Bring Me The Horizon: “Follow You”

Probably one of the most disturbing music videos that will come out all year, “Follow You” shows the apocalypse happening. People kill each other left and right, laughing.


Pierce The Veil: “Circles”

Pierce The Veil adventure around a creepy hotel in their video for “Circles,” but they have a humorous take with the strangest hotel manager you'll ever see.


CHVRCHES: “Clearest Blue”

Every scene in “Clearest Blue” is tinged a soft blue, whether it’s people dancing in a club or a man being hit by a car, making it for a gorgeous (and a little bit disturbing) music video.

Panic! At The Disco: “Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time”

Singer Brendon Urie turns a party into a horror film when a monster gets him drunk, kills him, eats him, and then turns into him in this strange music video.

David Bowie: “Lazarus”

If you haven’t seen the music video for “Lazarus,” you should probably watch it. It’s one of Bowie’s final music videos before his death earlier this year, and it seems to eerily predict it.


All Time Low: “Missing You”

The video for “Missing You” gets right back to the fans. Also nominated in the VMAs, the video shows live interviews the band had with their fans, which talk about the influence music has had on their lives.


Halsey: “Colors”

The twist in the video for “Colors” is just great. Instead of falling for the typical high school cutie, Halsey’s character falls for his dad.


The 1975: “Somebody Else”

Talk about twists; this video is borderline a little trippy, where it’s revealed that the singer, Matthew Healy, is alone throughout the entire video but has imagined scenes with other people present.


Our Last Night: “White Tiger”

This video will give you the feels. Brb, just going to go cry for a second.


Fall Out Boy: “Irresistible”

Little Fall Out Boy bobble heads abound in this creative video. But to be honest, watching the band members dressed up to look like plastic dolls is a little bit creepy. (This one’s also nominated for a VMA!)


Blink-182: “Bored To Death”

Watching the scenes of teens being little punks are as nostalgic as this song was when Blink released it.


Babymetal: “Karate”

It’d be hard to believe that the three members of Babymetal don’t actually know karate after watching the pristine choreography in their video for “Karate.”


Four Year Strong: “Who Cares?”

Aggression and fights abound in the video for “Who Cares?,” and anyone who has worked a monotonous day job can relate to its plot.


The Maine: “Am I Pretty”

The Maine's music video for “Am I Pretty” shows the pain and difficulties of different people that struggle with accepting the way they look.


Set It Off: “Something New”

All the band members in Set It Off face their fears in this video, including snakes, spiders and fighting pro wrestlers.

Korn: “Insane”
The music video for “Insane” basically has a mannequin come to life. Creepy.

A Day To Remember: “Paranoia”

Singer Jeremy McKinnon shows a person perceived as paranoid about aliens, but the truth is unclear by the end of the video.