11. Jeremy Lenzo of Mayday Parade

(pictured second from right)

12. John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday
John Nolan | AltPress' Best Beards
Photo: Brennan Schnell
Now that Adam Lazzara has shaved his beard and is rocking the five o’clock shadow, it’s up to Nolan to carry the beard torch.

13. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver

14. Devin King of the Color Morale

His Twitter handle is @devinhasabeard. Enough said.

15. Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember
A Day To Remember | AltPress' Best Beards

16. Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail
Senses Fail | AltPress' Best Beards
If you picked up an issue of AP 303 and flipped to our Rock Appétit, you’ll notice Nielsen’s cooking skills—and his beard—are on full display.

17. Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire
Memphis May  Fire | AltPress' Best Beards
(pictured center)

18. Frank Turner
Frank Turner | AltPress' Best Beards

19. Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music
Chuck Ragan | AltPress' Best Beards
What kind of beard appreciators would we be if we didn’t include the manliest man in the entire world? But now, you’re probably asking yourself, “If Chuck is No. 2, who’s No. 1?”

20. Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling | AltPress' Best Beards
At this point you’re probably yelling at your computer screen: “Hey, he’s not a musician!” Au contraire. Not only does he play a mean ukulele, but he also released an album of spooky, folk tunes with his friend Zach Shields under the moniker Dead Man’s Bones. (It’s also a favorite of Christopher Benton, AP’s art director.) So what have we learned here, kids? Gosling always wins. He even beats Chuck Ragan.


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