Jenna McDougall, Tonight Alive

Jenna’s green locks were—and still are—one of our favorites. Go green or go home, right?

Josh Dun, Twenty One Pilots

Josh is a man of many hair colors, and we’re thinking there isn’t a color he can’t pull off.

Josh Ramsay, Marianas Trench

Josh has had plenty of epic styles throughout the years, and this bright ol’ blue is one of the most memorable.

Mariel Loveland, Candy Hearts

Mariel proves purple is positively on point.

Melanie Martinez

Like fellow beauty Ash Costello, Melanie can pull off the half-and-half trend like not many others can. Whether she’s rocking white, blue, purple or pink, she can literally wear it all like a pro.

Michael Clifford, 5 Seconds Of Summer

Michael isn’t one to settle on a single color, but his highlighter pink look is still one of our favorites.

Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy

Equally short lived was Pete’s bright bubble gum pink. All in favor of Pete returning to pink say, “ay.”

Rena Lovelis, Hey Violet

Rena’s bubblegum pink is the embodiment of Hey Violet’s poppy rock sound.

Telle Smith, the Word Alive

Telle’s navy blue locks are beautifully bold, and we love it.

Tre Cool, Green Day

Tre Cool proves just how cool blue can be.

Who’s your hair inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!

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