11. “Some Wes Carpenter flick”


The line that may just get horror movie fans the most in Scream is when Tatum Riley, Sidney’s best friend, says, “You’re starting to sound like some Wes Carpenter flick or something.” Priceless.

12. The knife swipe


No words needed.

13. The “rules”

Randy is the bonafide horror movie expert throughout the film, and when he stands up at Stu’s party and recites the sacred scripture of slasher movies, called the “rules,” every horror fan can’t help but nod and laugh in agreement.

14. “Jamie, look behind you!”

Scream is funny. It’s scary too, but, oftentimes, it’s funny—like the scene where ghostface creeps behind a drunk Randy shouting at Jamie Lee Curtis to “look behind you!” when he should really be doing the same.

15. The Halloween soundtrack

As Randy sits on the couch watching Halloween, the soundtrack integrates throughout Scream’s events, another nod to the genre’s forebearers.

16. The video store

Where did video stores go? There was nothing like running to the horror section in a local Blockbuster and nabbing Friday night’s perfect flick. Netflix just isn’t the same.

**Spoiler alert: Skip the next three if you haven’t seen the movie**

17. The sex scene

Billy and Sidney do eventually take their relationship to an R rating. It’s super awkward, but it’s integrated well with the rest of the scenes happening at the same time. Plus, it’s not gory, and you can actually get away with watching it when your parents are in the room. More importantly, though, Sidney broke one of the quintessential rules of a slasher: the virgin never survives. But, Scream breaks plenty of the rules with a smirk, adding to its overall satire.

18. Psychopaths?

So, twenty years before Scream, the slasher film debuted. But what happened to those kids who grew up watching those brutal films? What’s particularly interesting about Scream is that it attempts to answer that question with its killers.

19. The twist

You see it coming, and then you do see it coming. And then it doesn’t really make sense. But then it does! You saw it all along. Foreshadowed throughout the film, the twist at the end of Scream is nothing short of amazing. Plus, the twist doesn’t ruin the movie after you watch it the first time—knowing the ending actually makes it better.

20. The sequels

Three sequels followed the original Scream, and while none of them topped the original, they were definitely not the worst sequels in the world. Instead, they were watchable and continued the story in an interesting manner. The first three movies form the Scream trilogy and were released in a five year period while the fourth instigated a potential revival of the series in 2011, seeing the original cast reunite.

Ever since the slasher horror movie “rules” were set in the late ’70s, the subgenre quickly became cliché, easy to parody and difficult to seriously replicate. Part of Scream’s beauty is its ability to combine both: it’s silly, it’s parodies, but it’s a serious horror, complete with a twisted story to put the cherry on the overall satisfying cake.

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