The Maine frontman John O’Callaghan doesn’t tweet much. When he does, however, they mostly resemble the type of statements you’d find on a rad throw pillow or Photoshopped across a snap of an ocean or forest to be reblogged on Tumblr. Head below for some of the most inspirational and thought-provoking tweets from O’Callaghan to date.

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1. When he told the truth about the truth

2. When he got real about the power of music

3. When he reminds us to love ourselves

4. When he gave some plain ol’ good advice

5. When he stressed the importance of being present

6. When he talked about the importance of self-acceptance

7. When he put egos in check

8. When he told us to enjoy our time on Earth

9. When he rationalized doing whatever makes you happy

10. When he kept it short and sweet

11. When he told us to not be afraid of uncertainty

12. When he told us to embrace our weirdness

13. When he offered a metaphorical helping hand