Waterparks – “Crave”

“Waterbarks” are dressed in dog costumes and competing in a dog show. Enough said.

Bayside – “Pigsty”

This clip features the band performing throughout a school in a dodgeball tournament. Bayside advance to the final round where they face a group of female teens who call themselves The Buttercups—need we say more?

Can’t Swim – “Come Home”

These Pure Noise Records signees mix their performance and plot scenes together, coexisting throughout the video as the band plays in a mansion with an angry older man and his young love. The plot may take a turn for the worst, but the band’s approach offers a refreshing twist.

Emarosa – “Cloud 9”

Emarosa frontman Bradley Walden begins his adventure through this video as himself, bumping into a tie-wearing guy whom he suddenly swaps places with. The video continues with Walden switching places with people he runs into on the street, from a sporty guy in a backward baseball cap to a homeless man panhandling.

SWMRS – “Figuring It Out”

The band begins the video in a colorless world before hitting a note that transforms their backdrop to a vibrant cardboard house with cardboard instruments. Their performance ticks off their neighbor who takes it out on them with a gardening hose, and the band retaliates in an unexpected way.

Handguns – “The Loved Ones Who Hate Us”

This video takes place at the family reunion where Handguns are the evening’s entertainment. They play to an initially unamused crowd who start to loosen up with the band as the night goes on.

Say Anything – “Give A Damn”
The scene opens with a Say Anything superfan reveling in his love of the artist from merch to music before picking up their latest, I Don’t Think It Is, at a local record store. The fan’s response to the album is to burn all the remnants of the band, begin drinking and doing drugs and obsessively working out. He finds the band and what follows is a gruesomely violent downward spiral. 

Real Friends – “Scared To Be Alone”

 Real Friends offer a simple dose of nostalgia with vocalist Dan Lambton traveling by taxi to a home where he envisions different moments of his childhood with his father, in contrast to the current state of the house.

Moose Blood – “Honey”

“Honey” spotlights a picturesque ‘50s era family being filmed in the style of a sitcom. The packaged perfection starts to melt away as it’s revealed the daughter is a fan of Moose Blood, freaking out about them being on TV and hugging the sleeve of her vinyl record. She experiences a leather-clad makeover à la Sandy Olsson from Grease and takes off with her own Danny Zuko lookalike.

With Confidence – “Voldemort”

 With Confidence spend the length of this clip somewhat poking fun at the whole idea of music videos. They open with a shot of the camera’s display screen, performing in front of a green screen as they have stylists and makeup artists poking and prodding at them before sending in the extras and fog machines.

Modern Baseball – “Wedding Singer”

The video features a male protagonist leaving a funeral and being picked up by a pink wig-wearing female driving a hearse. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, then we don’t know what is.