Few subjects are taboo to BRING ME THE HORIZON vocalist OLI SYKES-unless you are discussing his ex-girlfriend Sarah-Jayne Whiteley. The vocalist usually refuses to open up at any length about his relationship with her, but does hint that the band’s debut album Count Your Blessings did explore their time together. “On our first EP, I only really had bad times with friends and growing-up stories to talk about,” he admits. “The first album is a lot to do with a girlfriend and not being able to see them alongside problems in their past.” Since their breakup, Whiteley has been able to parlay their relationship into a clothing company, modeling work and a following on the interweb. “It’s pretty weird, as she doesn’t really do anything,” admits Sykes, laughing. Was all of her net notoriety the cause of their recent split? “No it weren’t,” Sykes says. “I think she found it as funny as I did. But I think she liked it though, as she wants to be looked up to like that. I don’t get wrapped up in it much as I don’t go on the internet looking at that stuff. I leave it.” – Andrew Kelham