You’ve heard what your parents think. You’ve heard what every political analyst on every news station from here to Telemundo thinks. You’ve heard what the kid behind the counter at Starbucks thinks. But what do your favorite musicians think about the results of Tuesday’s presidential election? We’ll be updating this page as more opinions roll in, so keep checking back!

Though I voted Green, I am pleased beyond belief that Barack Obama won the election. It is not only a testament to the American people that a black man was elected president, but also that he was able to withstand the Republican hate-machine and all their lies.

Other news-A poem:

In California-Eden fascism lurks

funded by right-wing religious jerks

who proved again to be full of hate

when they lied about kids to pass prop. 8.



Reel Big Fish


Portugal. The Man

It was an emotional night for me personally, in that I know Sarah Palin has no business being a vice president. But I think even bigger than that was to see the reaction of people across the country (heck, across the world) who were celebrating the election of a president as if it were New Year’s Eve. That hasn’t happened in my lifetime. It is uplifting to see such joy. It should not matter whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, you should be overjoyed that we are finally starting to heal one of America’s biggest wounds: Slavery.

I wish Tupac was alive to bear witness. Hopefully there will be a new song from the vaults released by his mom that gives us his sensitive thug point of view concerning this historic event.


Leftover Crack


See You Next Tuesday

I know that I personally couldn’t be happier to see a change in the oval office. It’s comforting to know that we have a president who can string together words and sentences into a cohesive message. Never mind the fact that our foreign relations have already gone up tenfold, or that he has big, well thought-out plans for our country’s future. He isn’t Bush, and that is enough in and of itself. I’m sure I sound like a repeat of those who’ve sent in responses already, but I think that Obama is exactly what we need at this point in time. We desperately needed change, and lucky for us, it came.

People want to believe in Obama so badly. Hell, I want to believe in him. I just hope he knows what he got himself into. The country is so fucked right now that anyone who would want the job has to be commended. It’s like fighting for two years to adopt all the pit bulls that survived Michael Vick so that you could rehabilitate them and turn them in to seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Barack almost seems too good to be true. He speaks like a black Bobby Kennedy, he inspires like Moses, he can hit the three-pointer like Kobe Bryant and my wife thinks he’s sexy. He’s a fucking rock star, so people are skeptical. They should be. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy skepticism.


Black President


The Sleeping

The Sleeping are totally stoked about the results of this election. We all took a break from recording and just lounged on the couch to watch the final decision. It was an amazing feeling to realize that for the first time in a long time, America stood together as a unified country and enforced a positive change. It was a sense of family again, and it made me proud to know a ton of new people voted. Sitting on the couch with my band, watching history unfold like never before was really an inspiring feeling. When Obama came out with his victory speech, someone in power finally made me feel very safe and confidant living in this country for the first time in a long time. It was an amazing speech and it was spoken, in my opinion, with absolute sincerity, integrity and confidence that our country can be saved.

Tuesday, America grew up a little bit. While the last eight years stunted our growth, the rest of the world sprouted. Now is our chance to catch up and regain some credibility in the world of tomorrow. Go Obama.


Rise Against


The Loved Ones

Watching the culmination of a presidential election with my wife, I felt for the first time a sense of hope and inspiration in our ailing American experiment. Having been able to vote now for 12 years, with each passing election I have felt like my generation’s voice has become less and less important and less and less heard. Now, when I think of my teenage brother, my stepdaughter, my toddler nephews and all the younger folk around the world, I get the feeling that the world can indeed become a better place. In light of the ugly, racist past of America, to see a black man elected to the highest office is indeed a great and very necessary step towards a more balanced democracy. Knowing that the next time we step on a stage, we can do so without being ashamed of our leader, but instead hopeful of what he can achieve is inspiring and exciting.

It was the most rock ‘n’ roll election of all time. The new president has won a Grammy and performed with Jay-Z. To anybody who thinks this election wasn’t revolutionary, that’s too much drama for Obama!


Family Force 5


The Bouncing Souls

I’m happy and proud for Barack, and I’m happy and proud for America. He’s a walking, talking miracle and I am a believer. Look forward with great anticipation and optimism to the next four and maybe eight years.

This election has only just ended but the lasting effects it will have on us and our children and their children and so forth is undeniable. I am proud to be a member of a hopeful nation once again. We are the UNITED States of America.


Cute Is What
We Aim For


The Dillinger
Escape Plan

This voting year, Dillinger spoke our mind about registering to vote and people actually going out and doing it. It’s probably the first time that we have ever made any kind of political statement to our fans and we are thrilled that young people actually got out there and made a real difference. With the state of the economy and world relations, it is clear that it is the younger generation who are affected the most by the decisions that were once influenced mainly by our parents’ generation alone. Regardless of whether or not you are happy with the outcome of the election, everyone should be ecstatic about the enthusiasm that this election has provoked.

Finally some fucking hope.


William Control/


Hawthorne Heights

I am extremely happy with the results for the 2008 election. I feel that it is an amazing, much needed step forward for our country. If we aren’t stepping forward, we are stepping backward. And it just feels awesome that America is finally ready for progression and change.

This election has really showed me that the American dream is still alive. Someone can be the son of an immigrant from Kenya, and rise to become the single most important political leader in the world. If that doesn’t inspire someone, then I don’t know what would. I’m not even American (I’m Canadian), and the last couple of weeks of up and down have been extremely stressful for me. The U.S. presidential election affects the entire world a lot more than even Americans think. To say that I feel relief would be an understatement. I feel the hope and the love in the air that not only Americans but the entire world can bond together and fix the problems and (to quote Propagandhi), "Make this shit hole planet better." America, you done good.




Boys Like Girls

I’m excited to see a change! I’m optimistic for the promises to end the war and reverse the economic slump. Hopefully we will be living in a better America and world within the next four years. As a writer, I truly admire President-Elect Obama’s speeches. Let’s hope those words are turned into actions.

Obama won, but I still lost my right to get married [since Prop 8 passed in California]. I’m gonna have to
marry Sarah Palin and help her go shopping. Maybe the GOP can buy us matching pink shotguns!



Sister Sin

From an outsider’s point of view [I’m from Sweden], it seems like a huge change was needed. We are glad the best man won, and hope he can strengthen ties with the rest of the world.

I feel like the world is now a better place, and a large chunk of my faith in my country has been restored. I don’t think we made a good choice, I think we made a great choice. I’m looking forward to living in a country where the guy who runs it is smarter than I am. I would love to be there when Sarah Palin returns the expensive wardrobe. From here out, you can refer to our drummer Joe Sirois as ‘Joe The Drummer.’


The Mighty
Mighty Bosstones


No Use For A Name

Regardless of what party you belong to, I think the idea of Obama being a transformational figure is undeniable. The world is with us on this. Hopefully we don’t let them down.

The results are like a green light for my girlfriend and I to make a baby.




Pierce The Veil

I think we all realized what a huge part of history this is when we saw thousands of people parading and celebrating through the streets of Philadelphia last night. You can actually feel change happening around us already.

I am stunned. Even with all of the time, money, energy, my silly little song, everything I and so many others gave… I am just stunned. Even though I saw the numbers, so clear for so long, even though I sort of knew in some strange way since the DNC in 2004 that Here Is A President, I am still just stunned. I keep waking up. I notice myself wanting everything to be okay immediately. Shouldn’t we all get superpowers on a day like today? I was disappointed that I was still the same asshole in traffic today. It’s fun to notice these feelings, go through them. As big as this is (and today I just want to celebrate), this is simply a beautiful beginning. Obama said over and over that this was about us, not him. That wasn’t just a platitude, something to get us feeling good. It’s true; no leader can do anything transcendent without an inspired electorate. That’s us. Let’s do this. Yes, we really can.




Dropkick Murphys

Now that we have a president that is eager and willing to build bridges rather than destroy them, touring the world will be even more inspiring and exciting.

I’m stoked to see how things turn out now and if the economy gets back on track again. Bands in general are essentially small businesses so when taxes go up it can hurt us a lot. The best thing we can hope for is that the gas prices go down… and for