A.D.D. (The Rocker)

The Rocker follows the story of a failed drummer (The Office’s Rainn Wilson) who joins his nephew’s (Josh Gad) band consisting of Teddy Geiger on vocals and Emma Stone on bass. At the time, only Geiger was known for his musical ability through his eponymous solo career, but since then Stone went on to win an Oscar for the critically acclaimed musical La La Land and Gad starred in Disney’s kid-friendly musicals Frozen and the 2017 reboot of Beauty And The Beast.

Nasty Bits (Vinyl)

The HBO series, co-created by acclaimed director Martin Scorsese and the Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, may have been cancelled after only one season, but they didn’t waste time honing in on the music culture of the ’70s. The series followed record exec Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale) who is attempting to resurrect his label through things like signing punk act Nasty Bits—fronted by Jagger’s son James and supported by real-life Brooklyn band Beach Fossils.

Pink Slip (Freaky Friday)

Lindsay Lohan garnered several major film roles in the early to mid-2000s, from Mean Girls to Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. While balancing said roles, Lohan was also pursuing a music career, making her role as Pink Slip’s guitarist in 2003’s Freaky Friday less than surprising. However, thanks to the mother-daughter body swap plot of the movie, we also get to see Jamie Lee Curtis rock out behind the scenes.

Steel Dragon (Rock Star)

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like for Mark Wahlberg to front an ’80s metal band, look no further than Rock Star. Wahlberg’s character is initially the frontman of a tribute band to Steel Dragon, Blood Pollution (taken from a Steel Dragon track), but after each band part ways with their respective frontmen, he is called up to audition for Steel Dragon, and lands the gig.

Creation (Freaks And Geeks)

Pulled from the short-lived but much-loved Freaks And Geeks, Creation consisted of Seth Rogen on vocals, James Franco on guitar and Jason Segel on drums. Franco offers one of the best lines of the series after the band butt heads at practice: “Rock ’n’ roll don’t come from your brain, it comes from your crotch.”

Lustra featuring Matt Damon (EuroTrip)

While Lustra is indeed a real band, one of the most iconic scenes of mid-2000s teen movies appeared in 2004’s EuroTrip as a pierced and tatted Matt Damon stood in for frontman Chris Baird. Lustra wrote “Scotty Doesn’t Know” for the film, later releasing it on their second full-length, 2006’s Left For Dead.

School Of Rock (School Of Rock)

Desperate to pay rent after getting kicked out of his own band, Dewey Finn (Jack Black) poses as his roommate in order to snag his substitute teacher gig at a local prep school. One thing leads to another, and he forms a band consisting of the preteen class, entering them in the Battle of the Bands. The cast reunited in 2013, 10 years after the movie’s premiere, for one live gig playing tracks from the film.

Dingoes Ate My Baby (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

When he wasn’t too busy wolfing out, Seth Green’s recurring character Oz played guitar in Dingoes Ate My Baby. The band often appeared at the town’s popular nightclub, The Bronze, while California’s Four Star Mary recorded the actual music. The band’s track “Pain”appeared on the 1999 soundtrack Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Album.

Sex Bomb-Omb (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

Based on a series of graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World stars Michael Cera as Pilgrim, the bassist of indie rock act Sex Bomb-Omb. Pilgrim balances band life (whose music was composed by Beck) with his pursuit of Ramona Flowers while traversing the world of her exes and his own (including Brie Larson as the Clash At Demonhead frontwoman Natalie “Envy” Adams).