If you’re familiar with my taste in music at all, I’m sure you’re thinking that the only thing I listen to all day long is mopey boys-n-their guitars. Well, you would be mostly correct for thinking that (my iTunes library is named ‘Singer/Songwriter Convention’), but I like an upbeat, poppy, happy, fun song just as much as the next Staunch Music Criticô. So here’s a list of uber-catchy songs that I probably shouldn’t love as much as I do. Plus, I didn’t include any singer/songwriters. Well, except for that whole Dashboard Confessional thing Look, I tried. –Rachel Lux

Hot N Cold‘ from One Of The Boys

C’mon–this song is so catchy, you’re singing along before you’ve even heard it. It’s got a great dance beat, a universal message and a very Perry music vid to boot. Don’t hate–appreciate!">


Don’t Trust Me‘ from Want

No self-respecting woman (which I am) should enjoy singing along to, ‘Don’t trust a ho/Never trust a ho/Won’t trust a ho’ or ‘Shush girl, shut your lips/Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips’–both of which appear in this song–as much as I do. But whatevs. Self-respect kind of goes out the window when this energetic Denver duo get on stage. I’m pretty sure they could be singing about toe warts, and I’d still dance to it.

Decode‘ from the Twilight soundtrack

Paramore don’t really qualify as a guilty-pleasure band–at least not around AP. However, being totally addicted to ‘Decode’ because of its direct involvement with sexy British actors getting to dress up as vampires is another story altogether. (Side note: On this track, Hayley Williams kinda sounds like another AP staffer’s guilty-pleasure frontwoman. Hey, Tim. Maybe you should call Hayley. But only if you’re sober.)

Gives You Hell‘ from When The World Comes Down

So I know this album’s not technically out yet (membership has its privileges), but the lead-off single for camp AAR’s newest is definitely a winner. Bouncy, kiss-off lyrics? Check. Gang vocals? Check. Tyson’s cheekbones? Check, check, check.

How To Save A Life‘ from Grey’s Anatony Vol. 2

This is probably the oldest song on the list, but hey, it came up on my iTunes Genius mix the other day (and I didn’t mind at all), so it’s still worthy by Apple’s standards. Editor in chief Jason Pettigrew likes to refer to this brand of radio-rock as ‘bands who sit down to pee.’ As long as they don’t splash any on the seat, I’m cool with it. Really.

The Wire Tapes Vol. 1

No, that’s not a typo. Chris Carrabba covered this amazing Weezer tune for an all-covers, tour-only CD he put together this past summer. Why is this a guilty pleasure? Well, for starters, this is my favorite Weezer song of all-time, so I should probably be pissed that someone else is singing it. However, Carrabba covers it so, so well, I just can’t resist.

Homecoming‘ from

There’s something about the contrast of the heavy bass beat and the bright piano on this song that always makes me skip back to listen to the track a second time. Is it totally the generic, main-stream thing to love the Kanye-Colplay collab? Of course. And I’m not ashamed.

Sex On FireOnly By The Light

This song is catchy as all hell, and everyone from Gossip Girl to SNL is taking note. And while the Snobby Rock Peopleô over at Paste may’ve already claimed the Kings as their own, I’m definitely jumping onboard with this song.">