As if you didn’t already suspect as much, working at AP isn’t like a normal job. We frequently have rockers of all shapes, sizes, genders and genres wandering our halls, and with a few well-placed Sharpie depositories, we encourage them to graffiti up our walls. Here is just a small portion of what we have to look at every day, from the good to the bad to the very, very ugly (and phallic).

The Used, ca. 2003-2004

Murder By Death’s love note, ca. 2003-2004


The Cold War as depicted through penises

Cartel, 2004

Anti-Flag, masters of self-deprecation, ca. 2003-2004

Author unknown

My Chemical Romance’s original lineup, ca. 2003 (vampire drawn by Gerard Way)

Straylight Run, ca. 2003-2004

All Time Low, ca. 2007