Yeah, they’ve got major-label executives by the short hairs; sure, they’re the stars of a big new MTV show (A Very Special Special); and, okay, they did once get a personal invite from Metallica to hit the road. But for CKY, whose fourth album hits stores at the end of this month, none of this crap matters if the fans aren’t in it with ’em. Guitarist/producer Chad I. Ginsburg breaks it down with Aaron Burgess.

We talked to Deron [Miller, guitar/vocals] last year for our “Most Anticipated Albums Of 2005” special, and he made it sound like the new album was in the can; all that was left to do was get the thing in stores. Why such a long wait?

Well, for him, that was true, but I was the guy producing and mixing it. That’s part of CKY’s sound, that we produce and mix our own albums. What you hear is 100-percent CKY. But, yeah, this was the most challenging record we’ve ever made, from start to finish, and it’s definitely our best. I mean, everybody might say that, but this record is CKY knowing CKY better than CKY ever knew CKY before.

We figured it was just a case of us talking to Deron before you submitted the record to the label.

No, no. [Laughs.] That never happens with CKY, and if it does, you’ll find that we won’t be on that label anymore. Luckily enough, Island’s been very kind in leaving us alone to do exactly what we want, and not giving us a single problem about what we gave them in the end. They really didn’t hear the record until it was done, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be heard: as an album.

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