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I don't know about you, but sometimes Halloween stresses me out. Coming up with a costume, and more importantly, making sure it's the best one? How can you come up with a costume that's current, well done and wallet-friendly?

We got you.

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We picked some of the most iconic music moments and made them into Halloween-ready costume ideas, complete with links so you can buy everything you see here! What are you being for Halloween? Are you trying out any of our costumes? Let us know in the comments. 

Twenty One Pilots accepting the Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Way back before twenty one pilots exploded into the phenomenon they are now, Tyler Joseph told Josh Dun that “If we ever win a Grammy—we should receive it just like this.” Recreate the iconic moment with just a couple simple items:

1. Fake tuxedo t-shirt

Only 20 bucks for this faux tux shirt, because who wants to wear a whole suit up top for the entire night? (We wouldn't judge you if you did, though.)

2. Josh's yellow hair dye

If you've been paying attention, you know that Josh Dun uses Steal My Sunshine from the incomparable Hayley Williams' dye line, goodDYEyoung. Lucky for you, the brand just dropped Poser Paste, so you can wear the look for the night and wash it all out before morning.

Top both off with some boxers and dress shoes, and you're all set. 

Brendon Urie in Kinky Boots

We all know the Panic! At The Disco frontman was born for the stage, and it was so cool seeing him bring the scene to Broadway for Kinky Boots. Here's how to recreate the look, and if you figure out a way to last longer than 20 minutes in those heels, let us know:

1. A dupe for the classic boots

Less than 50 bucks with shipping for these boots that have the same classic lace-up detailing as the originals from the musical!

2. Blue boxers

Brendon Urie's character Charlie is all business on top, but is usually rocking boxers. These blue ones look just like the ones from the original show promo when he joined the cast!

3. Striped tie

Can't forget the tie to match the boxers. Gotta keep it classy, right?

Finish the look with a white button down and a blazer, and don't forget to sing your heart out.

Hayley Williams in Paramore's “Hard Times”

Call me biased, but the return of Paramore was THE moment of 2017. It also meant that Hayley Williams debuted yet another iconic look, as she does every album cycle. Get the Picasso-channeling look from the video, as well as the Jimmy Kimmel Live performance, with a few items you can grab on Amazon:

1. Red overalls

Not only are these almost an exact dupe for Hayley's look—they won't break the bank at just around 40 dollars! 

2. Some blue and yellow stage makeup

These face crayons are safe for your skin, less than 10 bucks and make for easy application.

3. Retro white sunglasses

Can't forget these shades to top off your look!

If you're feeling bold, add a platinum wig—or bleach your hair with Hayley Williams' own hair dye line's lightening kit—and you're all set.

All Time Low's Last Young Renegade

Use the items in your closet, plus a couple easy purchases, to recreate the cover hero of All Time Low's 2017 album, Last Young Renegade.

1. An All Time Low shirt (duh!)

Any will do, but we like this classic so everyone knows exactly what your costume is!

2. A Last Young Renegade jacket

This is a fun one—pick up a denim jacket from a thrift store, then let your creativity take over! You can paint your own logo on the back, or just whack one of these official ATL patches on the back. Check out this awesome tutorial for a great DIY version:

3. A bandana

Finish your look as ATL's cover boy with a bandana tied around your head.

Toss on a flannel—we know you have one!—and you're done!

Fall Out Boy's purple llama (?)

We think this is a llama? Either way, the creature has made an appearance in the band's last couple videos, making it a cultural event of the year. This one's not nearly as easy a feat to recreate as our prior picks, but we did our best:

1. A purple bodysuit

Sets a good foundation for the rest of the look.

2. These insane purple leg warmers

Because llama, right?

3. Clip-in purple ears

This is shaping up to be the weirdest costume ever.


4. A full on llama mascot costume

If you felt like dropping over a thousand dollars. Nope, we're not kidding. If you're rolling in cash, hit this one with some purple spray paint and you're good to go.