If you think seeing your favorite band in concert would be the best day of your life, these six couples have got you beat. 

These guys (and girls!) pulled out all the stops to be able to propose to their partner on stage, in front of not only an audience of cheering supporters, but also their favorite band! These are the real relationship goals. Check out the list below.

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1. All Time Low

Michael Shepard proposed to his fiancée, Roseanne Moore, on stage in Philadelphia on May 22, 2015. Shepard also left the cutest comment on the video letting us know what went down after the big moment!

“All Time Low @ The Mann Center – Skyline Stage was one of the greatest nights of my life and one I definitely will always remember….After the proposal I hugged Alex Gaskarth, kissed Jack Barakat on the cheek, bro-hugged Zack Merrick, and gave a high-five to Ryan Dawson. For the rest of the concert we were allowed to stay back stage and got free beer to enjoy with the music and once the show ended we got an amazing pic with Alex and Jack, we even got to chat for a moment and I was able to congratulate Alex on his engagement. That night felt like a dream and a dream come true, I truly feel blessed and couldn't be more thankful.” 

We're not crying or anything. Watch the whole video here!

2. Metallica

Yes, Metallica. Guys, you need to watch the full video: It's 10 minutes long, and we get a full behind the scenes peek into the whole band helping Luke plan his proposal to his fiancée Jen. Watch it right here!

3. Paramore

If you're a Paramore fan, you might know that Hayley Williams typically brings a fan on stage to sing the bridge of “Misery Business.” This time was a little different: Paramore fan Lucas Girard brought his girlfriend of six years on stage for the proposal of a lifetime. Check out Hayley jumping for joy on the right! Watch the whole video right here

[Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly spelled Girard's last name. This error has been corrected in the story. Girard let us know via Twitter that the couple are no longer together, but are still friends. "It was so surreal to not only propose to her but to be on stage,” Girard said.]

4. Foster The People

Look at all those people cheering for the power of love! Will Staney proposed to Mallary Snodgrass on stage at a Foster The People show in 2012. The whole video shows the entire lead-up to the big moment, shot beautifully by Staney's friend Aaron Rector. Watch it right here!


Alright, we cheated. This one isn't on stage, but how could we not include it? Just look at Lynn Gunn's face in that first picture! 

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