The guys of 5 Seconds Of Summer love each other very much — meaning, they can tease each other all day on social media, and everyone knows it’s just in good fun. Here are our favorite roasts the boys from Down Under have unleashed upon one another.

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Calum Hood starts with the classic “You spam my phone with pics? I’ll post ’em”


Feast your eyes on Ashton the great. (This is what happens when you take 100 photos on my phone) @ashtonirwin

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Ashton Irwin throwing it old school


I mean, who needs a caption when you have a photo like this @lukehemmings

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Michael Clifford making good use of polls

This lovely self-roast by Luke Hemmings


When you're the clingy band member

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Michael and his Bitmoji-shaming

Ashton shows us what’s really important in his life

Luke getting in on the best of the 5SOS memes

Michael acknowledging that his old-school photos will never die


every time I do it makes me laugh

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Ashton criticizing a love between a boy and his candy


Just loves smarties really

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