7 reasons you should be listening to Dia Frampton’s newest project Archis

November 24, 2015
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You may know Dia Frampton from her days on Warped Tour, fronting the sister-band Meg And Dia, or maybe you tuned in while she fought her way to become a finalist on the first season of The Voice back in 2011. Now, Frampton’s back and better than ever with her new project ARCHIS.

Joining forces with renowned cinematic composer Joe Trapanese, Frampton’s latest project Archis blends Frampton’s signature pop rock sensibilities with a classic orchestral group. Their debut self-titled EP (released earlier this year) carries the tone of an epic blockbuster movie score throughout the album. As if that isn’t enough, we’ve got seven more reasons to give Archis a spin.

1. Collaboration with producer/composer Joe Trapanese

With an impressive résumé, which includes works on mega motion pictures such as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 and Insurgent, Trapanese abandons the traditional structure of pop songwriting to give a new dimension to Frampton’s sound.


2. Frampton actually performs with a full orchestra

To achieve Archis’ huge orchestral sound, a lot of musicians need to collaborate to create the larger-than-life atmosphere—which unfortunately makes touring next to impossible. But when Frampton steps out in front of a full orchestra (directed by Trapanese), the performance is mesmerizing.


3. Dia is still working with her sister, Meg

After all the changes in Frampton’s career, her sister and former bandmate Meg still contributes to Dia’s work. You can see Meg in a lot of Archis’ performances, either harmonizing with her sister or strumming along on her guitar. Meg now runs her own coffee shop, has a jewelry line called Chandler the Robot and occasionally releases new music herself—as well as helping Dia write for Archis.


4. Frampton’s making bold choices

Both the leading track to the EP and their first released song “Blood,” opens with a full minute of instrumental buildup before Frampton enters with her vocals. Once the album was released, it was clear that “Blood” was the first installment of an entire story told throughout the EP.


5. The music videos

Naturally, with an album reminiscent of a cinematic score, it makes sense for the music videos to go along with the story being told. Instead of having Frampton and Trapanese as the stars, the music videos they’ve released thus far are all rooted in a single scene driven by powerfully talented actors.


6. Dia is still Dia

After all the changes in her music, from performing in a band to competing on The Voice, releasing a solo album and now a brand new project, Dia is still releasing what she wants to create. Even with a large, formal orchestral band, you’ll still see Dia, shoeless and swaying along onstage.


7. More music is coming


It's officially began! We are now beginning the journey of recording and completing our full length album. It will be finished in November and to you early 2016. Thank you for your support and messages.

Posted by ARCHIS on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Archis is currently working on their first full-length album, set to be released in early 2016.

Written by Jake Hanson