Ashley Frangipane—more commonly known as Halsey—is getting more and more attention following the release of her debut LP Badlands and landing a feature slot on Justin Bieber’s upcoming album, Purpose. She’s proved to be a standout act to watch this year, so we’ve put together a list of eight reasons you should be listening to Halsey.

1) Her “Churchy, scary, shimmery” sound


“Most people when you're like: 'Hey, I want shimmery noises in a song,' they look at you like: 'What?'” says Halsey in her Room 93 commentary on Spotify. She describes her overall sound as “churchy, scary [and] shimmer” and somehow, that's extremely accurate. 

2) “Ghost”


With the Help of her friend Dylan Scott from the Young Rising Sons, “Ghost” was one of the first songs Halsey actually wrote in a studio setting. Starting with the bridge and clocking in just over two minutes, “Ghost” makes no sense on a structural level but has become a fan favorite that shaped the tone of the Halsey project

3) Lyrics that will rip you apart


Halsey has mastered the art of making her lyrics perfectly ambiguous so everyone can relate to her music. One of her most popular lines comes from the song “Colors. “You were red and you liked me because I was blue/but you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky/and you decided purple just wasn't for you.”

4) The aesthetic


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With the perfect mix of health goth, new-wave punk and overall bad-assery, Halsey seems like she stepped straight out of Tumblr. There’s something gloriously trippy, bizarre and unique about her look, but it all blends together seamlessly.

5) Her live performances will give you life


Equipped with her signature back-bends, ambient lighting and her subtle sex appeal, Halsey's performances will leave you mesmerized. She owns the stage, creating a sense of intimacy between herself and the audience. 

6) Room 93


The five-song EP Room 93 was Halsey's first release and its major theme is “the human intimacy of hotel rooms.” It's also completely heart wrenching. More specifically, the song “Is There Somwhere” serves as the prologue to the album, touching on the feeling of being in an alternate universe while hiding away in hotel rooms with a significant other. 

7) Her sense of humor


The first song Halsey gained attention for was her parody of Taylor Swift's “Trouble” called “The Haylor Song” back in 2012. It's a chance to see Halsey's cheeky side as she joins the Directioners' fandom and pokes fun of Swift's relationship with Harry Styles. 

8) Her undying love for the scene

Halsey has always voiced her love for Panic! At The Disco and other bands in the scene, culminating in Brendon Urie covering her song “New Americana.”  On top of that, Halsey is also an official member of the Skeleton Clique and is BFF’s with Josh Dun. Can you say swoon!