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There's no better time to hop on the Melanie Martinez train. After the 21-year-old pop songstress had a stint on The Voice, she went on to create her own entity as a performer that's catching on quick. Between her incredible voice and unique look, she's become a rising star in the music scene with her debut album Cry Baby, and she's one of the hottest selling artists at Hot Topic.

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Not convinced, or don't know where to start? Don't worry, we've got you. Here's 8 reasons to start listening to Melanie Martinez right now:

1. She's her own creative director


La di da di we lyke 2 parti @dolleyesny

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Martinez creates her own album art, directs her own videos and photoshoots—she’s completely in charge of creating her aesthetic. It's a brave move after being seen completely differently on The Voice, but it's paying off in dividends.

2. Her unique aesthetic



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Martinez's look, which centers around the Cry Baby theme, uses everything from her many music videos, to her hair and makeup, to her stage setup to evoke a childlike demeanor. Other artists have done concept albums, but she's taking it to new heights.

3. Her merch is on point


So expensive (not my photo) – – – – #merch #melaniemartinezmerch #crybaby #melaniemartinez #gain

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It's not just Martinez who gets to wear the Cry Baby look. At what other show can you pick up vintage-inspired, baby-themed merch? No wonder she's one of the best-selling artists at Hot Topic!

4. Her live shows never disappoint


I love you SF thank you for tonight x : @bryanluna321

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Martinez is known for putting on shows that are just as creative as she is. She's been known to pull crazy antics, like pouring milk all over herself on stage. The stage explodes with her bubblegum aesthetic, and it’s impossible not to sing along.

5. She's a style icon


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Melanie’s look is one of her most obvious points of interest. Her Cruella de Vil-inspired hair and eccentric wardrobe choices all fulfill her doll-like aesthetic.

6. She was on The Voice

If you don't know the premise of The Voice, Martinez was selected to compete on the show after a blind audition. If that doesn't tell you the girl can sing, what does?! Even though she didn’t come out with the win, she did prove that her alternative look and vocals were enough to propel her to become an electro-pop queen.

7. She recognizes those before her

There's a few pop queens like Martinez who have sculpted their own worlds around their music, like Lana Del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds. She's claimed her place in the music scene, but she doesn’t forget her influences. She's even shared covers of songs from the likes of Marina.

8. Her music is compatible with pretty much anyone

Tracks from Cry Baby are favorites for cool mashups, proving that Martinez's music has a place for fans of any and all genres. One of our favorites is her track “Soap” combined with twenty one pilot’s “Stressed Out.”