Phoenix-based screamo quintet Blessthefall are currently on a co-headlining tour with Escape The Fate through mid-October in support of their debut album His Last Walk, and we’ve asked them to document their expriences exclusively for readers. This is the first installment of their weekly tour diary.

YO YO YO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the first Blessthefall weekly blog for the Black On Black Tour!!!!!!! The tour is going amazing! We are so happy to see all your screamin faces again soon! Heres what been going on in the world of BTFizzle.

Pomona Cali


We are super stoked to be on the road again! We get to share the road experience with our old buds Love Hate Hero, and Escape The Fate and new bros Before Their Eyes!

The venue was the Glasshouse, it was sooo sweet.
While chillin waiting for the show to start, we took photos for Kerrang magazine! So all you overseas fans be on the lookout for that! After that we played pool upstairs. After a few games, playing pool turned into lets hit the half full Starbucks cup as hard as we can with the cue ball.


We got NEW MERCH! Who wants some?!

The show was amazing. All the bands rock and all the fans out there were nuts!

Thanks so much for coming out everyone! We love you

Tuscon AZ!

Only 2 hours away from our cozy beds and we still managed to show up unfashionably late


The venue must not have had AC…… was brutal! It was so hot for some….people got naked


One thing i didnt understand about the venue…..

There was a door just for men to walk out of. No girls allowed through this exit!

Thanks everyone for rocking the heck out!

NEW MEXI!!!!!!!!!!

Launch Pad is where its at!

New Mexico is one of our 2 homes away from homes! We love you guys. The line was so long, not everyone could get in!

The venue was so packed, they had to clear out the bar area to let in 200 more kids! WOOOOH! One thing about New Mexico…..Eric just finds the need to poop


We took a walk to the Good Ol Dumpster (remember last time?)


This time she wasnt allowing Eric terds to be dropped


When ya gotta go, you gotta go. Eric found a nearby staircase

PUSH, im not looking! NOT!


Thats one satisfied little man

The show on the other hand was incredible, But nothing beats the poop. Thanks for rocking with us! Hope to have another sweet and stinky show in NM soon!

El Paso!

Another one of our second home away from homes! You guys are crazy! Like this car in the parking lot

We played pool again tonight. Mike won the first game….i killed him in game 2

The show was sick. We played again with our El Paso boys Tonight Is Glory. The show was soooooooooooooooo HOT. LETS GET OUTA HERE

It was one of the hottest shows we have ever played. Hotter than Warped Tour. Our clothes needed to be hung out after the show

Too bad it rained 5 minutes after hanging up our soaking wet clothes. Thanks for coming out everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


House of BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUES! The venue was sooooo tight! So was the city!


The venue had the coolest lights and rugs and paitings!

Unfortunatly for Before Their Eyes, their van broke down in El Paso. Hopefully they can get a quick fix! Love Hate was awesome!

Thanks for comin out everyone! When at House Of Blues…..get the Blues Burger!


We arrived to Houston early, so we got to chill out in the crazy red room venue! They have the sweetest show line-up coming though town!

Tonight was…….you guessed it….HOT

It gets worse and worse everynight. Our buddy Mark from Warped Tour Smartpunk Stage came out to show us love. He custom made the SWEETEST BIKE

This thing is PIMPIN!

High rolla

Thanks for rocking with us everyone!

St Petes Florida!

WOOOOWEEEEEEEEE its muggy outside! Florida makes my clothes sticky. But WENDYS………makes crazy things happen

Now Eric doesnt have to feel left out….we are all red heads now! We left that Wendys with a parting gift


The venue was SOOOO awesome. It was huge. This is Underoaths home

Before Their Eyes got to the show! They had to rent a mini van to finish this tour. Make sure you help those guys out! The show was BOMB

Thanks for coming out everyone!

Thanks again everyone for a great first week! Make sure you check back next week for week 2 of BTFizzles Black On Black Tour experiences! We love you!

<3 matt.blessthefall