Phoenix-based screamo quintet Blessthefall are currently on a co-headlining tour with Escape The Fate through mid-October in support of their debut album His Last Walk, and we’ve asked them to document their expriences exclusively for readers. This is the second installment of their weekly tour diary; you can read week one here.


Thanks for checkin’ out Week 2 of Blessthefall’s Black On Black Tour experiences! We gots lots to share! Lets get giggy.


This venue was FANCY

I felt bad for just for breathing in the air here! Not outside though….it was scary. Downtown Miami is someplace to not walk alone in for sure. Escape The Fate canceled the show tonight leaving it a 3 band bill and us headlining!

Sucks for Escape because the show was awesome!

You Miami people are nuts! Speaking of nuts…..after the show we had to pack up quick…..a fetish party was coming in after the show.

Whips, chains, latex, lube, handcuffs and tourture traps came walking in as we walked out. Eric wanted to stay, but you were required to wear latex outfits….plus, hes still a baby and isnt old enough. HMMMMMMMM Thats our cue to get the heck outa here! Thanks for rockin!


We are straight up bug killas!

Street ownage right there. On my way out of the van i met a new friend, Jorge the lizard:

Ive never seen a lizard leap like this one.


One of our favorite stops on the road. Arizona NEEDS to open some up. We got a new hoodie:

Check it out, Who wants one?

The show is SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOOH Go Orlando! The venue was super small, kids were piled on top of each other.

It was SICK! During the show we had a casualty:


Escape is one member short now but are rockin it just as hard! That is the reason they couldnt make it to Miami and the fetish party.

After the set it started tour pour, one bad thing about Florida..always raining.

Oh well, cold rain felt better than hot sweaty bodies inside. Thanks for coming everyone!


Before i get to the Atlanta show, i have to show you what we did yesterday on our day off… DISNEY!

We were chillin with the crew:

Rocking the vehicles:

We owned Epcot:

Thank you BTF Street Team for your love and support everytime we come to Florida! Ok, now onto ATLANTA! We got a new van decal:

Wendys is THE BEST. If you know us, you already know that. We stopped al Wal Mart first to grab some things. Inside I found myself in 20 years:

Fully in camo, riding a ATV huntin with a bazooka.

We showed up to the venue around 4 and there was a huge line!

But wait…..thats not for our show! Chris Tucker and Ciara is in town!

The show was nuts. It was a small room but rockin hard.

We love our Atlanta homies.

Escape had everyone rockin, right to their knees!

Thanks for comin out everyone!


Back again. We seem to be here all the time. This time in the lot, there was a pimpin car:

Flashy! Zacky is all about the baseball hats:

I was feelin a little sick, must be the from all the snot dripping from the walls upstairs.

Yummy. The show was awesome, Buffalo keeps getting better and better for us! Again, right as its time for load out, it started to rain again. GRRRRRRRR:

Oh well, we are all due for showers anyways. Thanks!


What upppppppppppppp! I walked out of the trailer today and found this!

I dont know who gave it to us, but its amazing and fluffy. Bad newsssssssssss: Tonights show was canceled.

Before Their Eyes dropped of a day early and Escape The Fate canceled due to illness leaving us and Love Hate Hero at the venue. It sucked being turned away from playing a show, but we made the best of it and sold merch outside and hung out with everyone!

Kevin worked his magic for some HALO3 money:

It was a fun night anyways. Sorry about the show everyone! Well be back soon!

New Jersey!

School of Rock! It was rockin:

It even had its own school bus!

Legit. The show was SOLD OUUUUUUUUUUT:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! The venue was one of my favorites.

Thanks everyone for rockin at the school of ROCK. Some rocked too hard and lost some hair!

We are gettin busy writtin for our new record!

Time to think! Remember, we will be back for Saints And Sinners Festival in November! See ya next time.




Downstairs in the main room was a show with a sweedish metal band playing, and around the block was Boys Like Girls:

DANG! We hit up the main room for the metal show for a bit. It was kinda boring:

Then we played, it was AWESOME:

You guys went crazy! We love you! After our set, we got some food. Doug has a big sausage:

After that we hit up the Boys Like Girls show to say hi to our Warped Tour sound man Mike. The show was intense:

Thanks for coming out everyone!!!!!!!! We love Matt Trish Kathy!

Dont forget to send your live pics ASAP to with PICTURES(city name) as the message subject so we can use them!

Check back here again next week for WEEK 3! We love you! See ya on the road.