Arizona post-hardcore sextet Scary Kids Scaring Kids recently filmed the first
video off their new, self-titled album for “Faces,” and we were so
impressed with it, we asked them to show us just how it was made.

The music video’s concept is tied very closely with the purpose of
the song. This is to influence people never to fear the consequences
of standing firmly against society’s standards, and to celebrate free
thought and individuality. In order to send this message with some
impact it was best to place it in another world where social
standards are more uniform such as a futuristic totalitarian state.
This causes much more tension when introducing the struggle of a free-
thinking character who’s purpose is to show people how beautiful it
is to have your own goals in life as opposed to live on a path
created by others.

The original treatment for the music video was influenced by a
concept album idea we had considered early on in the writing process.
The very hopeful idea was to make the entire album into a short low
budget film with a passionate filmmaker willing to do it with little
to no money, near impossible but hopeful. We included some themes and
elements of the short story into the record, but the cinematic story
was scrapped, until our manager Russ suggested we introduce a couple
of its themes into a two-song, two-part music video. Together, we
brainstormed how to make a really cool-looking video with our budget,
and it just wouldn’t come together. Eventually we decided to break it
down to one, and then every director we approached refused our
treatment claiming it would be impossible for the budget. Finally
Russ introduced us to the “Image Of The Invisible” video by Thrice.
We loved the director and thought he would be perfect, but he was too
expensive and though it was a far reach we contacted the director Jay
Martin with the concept. He loved it and agreed to do it the next
day. After Jay helped us polish up the concept, we filmed it in one
day and he helped us make it very fuckin’ dope! –Pouyan Afkary

The day before we filmed the video we went in for a fitting at Jay
Martin’s office and they hooked me up with this jacket. Despite my
hair, I look and feel beautiful with it on.

This is Jamie, the newest addition to our band. He took his acting in
this video very serious.

This is Chad’s shining moment in the video as he runs through the fog
into the room where we all perform.

This is director Jay Martin talking with Tyson about one of the
shots. We were super lucky to be able to work with him. He was our
number 1 choice of who we wanted to work with and it was great being
able to work with him.

We’re used to doing a lot of this stuff on our own. We’ve done videos
in the past where we’ve been very hands on in making the video and
hauling the props and all of that. We’ve worked with great directors
in the past, but always on such a small budget, or no budget at all.
We were fortunate enough to have a budget to work with so many great
people. It was great to be able to focus on our performance in the
video and have so many hard working people to help us.

We did most of the filming in the basement of this old warehouse. It
was so hot and we just poured buckets of sweat. It was fun though.

This guy was amazing to work with! He nailed exactly what we wanted
out of this character, which was a harsh and controlling dictator. We
also were very excited about working with green screens for this
video. So crazy.

We showed up bright and early so that Steve and Pouyan could get
extreme makeovers. They looked amazing!

We were able to have the entire layout of the video explained in
story board form. It was awesome to have a clear idea of what it
would look like before even filming.

Lots and lots and lots of fog. –DJ Wilson

Watch the video for “Faces” off Scary Kids Scaring Kids’ self-
titled album below: