Okay, Nov. 4 is finally here. You’re all registered to vote, you have enough ID on your person to travel internationally and you even brought a cheat-sheet of all the local issues that will be tacked on to your presidential ballot. You are ready to get in the booth, participate in democracy, and leave with your cute little “I Voted” sticker. The only problem? The line is moving slower than a sloth at a Low concert. Head to the polls with your iPod loaded with our nifty playlist of songs about waiting, songs about politics and songs about both! (We know you may be thinking this list will be pointless after Tuesday. But if your preferred candidate doesn’t win, it’s going to be a looooong four years of waiting for 2012. Prepare accordingly.)

Rachel Lux


from OK Computer
The Little Ones
“Waiting For A Sign”
from Morning Tide
Jimmy Eat World
“Electable (Give It Up)”
from Chase This Light
New Found Glory
“Make Your Move”
from Coming Home
Sum 41
“Still Waiting”
from Does This Look Infected?
Page Frace
“Casting Day”
from Page France And The Family Telephone
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
from Don’t You Fake it
The National
“Mr. November”
from Alligator
Green Day
“Wake Me Up When September Ends”
from American Idiot