Sometimes you find yourself in the dark corners of the internet watching videos of sloths eating things. Sometimes you find yourself an hour deep in Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots Vine feed.  Let's be honest, you don't get over 100K followers and over 21 million loops on accident. Take a sneak peek into Josh's world via Vine and catch them on tour this fall with Echosmith.

1.  First off, if you didn't know already, Josh and Tyler are BFF.

2.  Josh loves Blink-182 just like the rest of us and went to their show in Cali a few months back. 
3.  Josh and Tyler dancing > everything else.
4.  What happens when you hear your own song played in a bar?  You do back flips.  Duh.
5.  A wild Tyler is spotted!  At least Josh is a nervous as all of us when Tyler begins to climb things.
6.  We've all been there.
7. It's pretty cool…
8. Taco Bell is bae.
9.  The secret is out!


10.  Goodbye.