If you haven’t heard the news, Twitter’s short video-looping social network Vine is shutting down. To mourn the loss of this Internet gold mine, we took a tour through scene celebrity and Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie's soon to be extinct famous profile.

Check out the result of our tour below.

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When Urie plays his favorite game, “Cover Important Stuff”:

When he can't choose just one way to groom his beard, so he (somehow) wears it two ways:

When annoying his pets is the best thing to do when he's bored (of course):

When it's #positivehardcorethursday:

When he's stoked it's the weekend like we all are:

But then it's back to work on Monday:

When Dallon hides from his responsibilities (tbh we all do it):

When he traumatizes his friends:

When he doesn’t care what you think:

When his band steals his look… right off his back: