ADORE DELANO-2018-altpress
[Photo by: Giselle Dias]

AP cover star Adore Delano is debuting her music video for “27 Club.”

Watch the gorgeous video in full below!

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“I wrote, “27 Club,” when I was 26 years-old. I was going through a lot with touring and not dealing with personal drama or healing from deaths in the family,” the vocalist/performer shares. “There was a point where I lost control and I had to get it back.”

“Writing, ’27 Club,’ was one of the most therapeutic songs for me to write because almost instantly after writing it, I felt saved,” she continues.

The track is off the American Idol and Drag Race star 2017 album, Whatever. As Delano explained on the AP 358 cover story, the record, far from the electronic-based dance music that made Delano a club staple, showcases the guitar rock that influenced her in her teens when she was devoted to Marilyn Manson and grunge gods Nirvana.

Those influences are clear on “27 Club,” both musically and lyrically. “All of the legends die at 27, they all went to heaven,” Delano cries on the chorus.

The music video is a stunning—and meaningful—visual representation of the song.

“The rats represent the many who try to make it in Hollywood and the snake represents the promises of fame,” Delano explains.

Watch the video in full below:

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