Every week, AP receives mountains of new releases to review. In this recurring list, we will count down a few of the most anticipated albums we received (that have been announced and are cleared to talk about) and give you a couple quick fun facts about each. You heard it here first!

Like Moths To Flames, 'An Eye For An Eye'LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES
An Eye For An Eye
The saying “a little help from your friends” goes a long way on Like Moths To Flames sophomore album, An Eye For An Eye. “Into The Ground” features a soaring chorus thanks to Silverstein frontman Shane Told, while Ahren Stringer of the Amity Affliction provides some prominent clean vocals on the melancholy “My Own Personal Hell.” However, the band didn't leave all the singing to their guests. An Eye For An Eye still has the metalcore grit, but it's a bit more polished and melodic than their previous effort.
Stream: “The Blackout” 

Drug Church, 'Paul Walker' DRUG CHURCH
TITLE: Paul Walker
LABEL: No Sleep
Drug Church are made up of a bunch of guys from a pop-punk band and this decade's version of Tim Kinsella (aka a super-weird guy who's not that great at singing but really good at stage banter) making surprisingly kick-ass, ’90s-influenced post-hardcore a la Snapcase, Quicksand, Seaweed and others. It's loud, crunchy and will probably give you a headache—and that's definitely a compliment. [SH]
STREAM: “Donny's Woods”

Obits, 'Bed & Bugs' | Alternative PressOBITS
TITLE: Bed & Bugs
LABEL: Sub Pop
RELEASE DATE: September 10
Given the members' storied lineage (Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Edsel, Girls Against Boys), Obits might be considered a real “’90s rock dream team” by middle-aged hipsters whose calendars ended on December 31, 1999. But their third album Bed & Bugs is actually wondrously vital record that goes through the closets of assorted underground/alt-rock subgenres and leaves the clothes crumpled on the floor out of spite. I bet the late Kurt Cobain would guitar-tech for them for free. [JP]