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The world of nail design has expanded over the years from simple French manicures to intricate patterns that look too good to be true. We were taken aback by some nail artists who have drawn inspiration for their latest designs from their favorite albums, including White Noise by PVRIS, Bad Vibrations by A Day To Remember, and Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots.

Check out some of these impressive nail designs below!

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Paramore, After Laughter


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Paramore's newest release is full of some funky pop anthems, and these nails are everything you need to fit into After Laughter's ‘80s dreamland.

Blink-182, California


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Most Blink-182 nail designs are simple, typically featuring only the band's logo. This one, on the other hand, showcases the band's killer comeback album, California.

A Day To Remember, Bad Vibrations

A Day To Remember's latest, Bad Vibrations, was the first time in years that the band collectively participated in the creative process in one room. The result is arguably some of the band's best work, and this recreation of the album's cover art is pretty incredible, too.

Coast Modern, Coast Modern


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Coast Modern never thought they would be a band, so we think it's safe to say they never thought their album would be turned into nail art, either.

PVRIS, White Noise


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Although PVRIS are currently on tour in support of their newest release, All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, we're still hooked on the band's risk-taking debut album, White Noise.