Old Gods paired up with comic artist Michelangelo Cicerone to add an extra visual element to the interior of their upcoming album, Stylized Violence.

The collaboration makes absolute sense for a band that comprises 3/4 members (including vocalist Jeff Tuttle, former guitarist for the Dillinger Escape Plan), who have their hands dipped in the visual art world.

Old Gods, 'Stylized Violence'Stylized Violence is a bit of a concept record, so the packaging definitely spins out of some of the overarching themes in the songs. The exterior art (left) is based around photography done by Aaron Jones and vintage suspense movie posters,” says drummer Tony Wolski.

“The entire design of the outside, down to the glossy finish is meant to look a bit more mainstream than our typical aesthetic. It's real buttoned-up. Big record label logos and a nice big UPC. Ready for Best Buy.

“The inside, by contrast is a gritty comic done by a local indie comic hero, Michelangelo Cicerone. It depicts a violent chase sequence that ends in the police shooting the perp, but accidentally killing his victim as well. In the end it all ends up being a Coke commercial. It's pretty weird packaging.”

Check out the comic, below! Stylized Violence is out July 23 via Forge Again Records.

Old Gods, 'Stylized Violence' artwork | Alternative Press

Old Gods, 'Stylized Violence' album artwork | Alternative Press