For those of us who need a little extra help with makeup, beauty vloggers can be an invaluable resource. Their tutorials can give us new ideas for everyday makeup looks, teach us how to dye our hair at home or even show us how makeup can be used to turn our faces into works of art. We know how incredible and helpful these videos can be, so here are some of our favorite alternative beauty vloggers.

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Cherry Dollface

Cherry Dollface’s channel is dedicated to creating the best vintage looks—from pinup hair and makeup to vintage clothing. She even does pop-culture themed tutorials like Gatsby-inspired flapper looks and a Halloween makeup tutorial for Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Klaire De Lys (Klairedelysart)

De Lys turns makeup into art. She creates incredible themed looks, often using special effects makeup to create masterpieces that belong on the big screen. Her “Anti-Sexy” series is especially notable, and the description of the looks in the series says, “They’re not meant to be pretty they’re meant to be characters. With flaws, spots, scars and messed up makeup. Not all makeup has to be picture perfect.”

Katie Mulcahy (Lolaliner)

This Irish guru’s videos definitely fall on the glam side of makeup tutorials. They’re so easy to follow, and she often reviews new products and creates stunning looks using only affordable or drug-store makeup. Every video will leave you in awe of her incredible makeup skills (not to mention her beautiful and ever-changing colored hair).

Victoria Ditrich (BiohazardousBeauty)

Ditrich describes herself as a “not-so-average creature of the night that loves makeup,” and that personality certainly shines through in her collection of goth-inspired tutorials. Her looks range from dark and monochromatic to neon and sparkly, but you can expect her to use Urban Decay and Kat Von D products in nearly every look she creates.

Kiera Rose

If you love Lush products, you’ll love Kiera Rose. Her lifestyle channel covers everything from the best new Lush skincare products to what vegan food she’s loving at the time. She also does videos about her amazing tattoos and even vlogs about self-care and struggling with mental health.