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We didn’t pick the alternative life; it picked us. When you’re a fan of an alternative genre such as pop punk or hardcore, there’s a lot of trials and tribulations you must endure. These are the struggles we all carry with us and have experienced at least once, as told by GIFs.

1. No one knows who your band really are.

“PVRIS? Like, how do you even say that?” The struggle is real. We’re doomed to fangirl in solitude, left only to our online communities.

2. Waiting for that new album so you can stop listening to their only album on repeat.

Your band is your life. Their music speaks to your soul. Even if they only have one album or a handful of EPs to listen to. Whatever. You still love them.

3. Never hearing them on the radio

Nothing beats unexpectedly hearing your favorite artist on mainstream radio. While some alternative artists have been added to regular rotation, sometimes your favorite artist isn’t on there. Might as well just plug in the aux cord and pull up Spotify again.

4. Waiting literally forever for them to come to your town.

Most cities bend over backward to get larger acts to play. Unless your favorite alternative band have been around for a while, you might have to rely on DIY venues or bars.

5. Traveling extraordinarily long distances just to see them.

With that being said, nothing can keep you from seeing your favorite band when they do go on tour. Even if that means embarking on a four or five hour road trip.