6. Never finding any merch in stores

Other bands have their merch at Hot Topic or even Walmart. God knows that you’ll find the same David Bowie T-shirt in three different stores, at least. But nope, your band aren’t that mainstream yet.

7. Expensive merch

This isn’t necessarily an alternative fan exclusive problem, but it’s definitely a problem. When you finally find that merch your wardrobe sorely lacks, it’s out of your budget. $70 for a hoodie, $30 for a T-shirt, $10 for some pins—don’t even think about getting that poster.

8. Being perpetually broke because you bought the merch anyway.

You have an unwritten contract with your favorite band to buy all of their merch and go to every tour. It’s your duty as their superfan to support them in this way. Even if it means you’ve basically signed away your life/wallet.

9. Liking, following, sharing any post that mentions your faves.

It’s a big deal when your favorite artist get coverage. Whether it’s an independent music blog or a national magazine, you feel obligated to support that publication because they supported your favorite band. That’s just how it works.

10. Having conflicting feelings when your favorite band does finally make it big

This is everything you have ever wanted. The world knows how awesome your favorite band are now. Except now everything’s even more expensive. They came to your town, but you can’t get tickets. Don’t they know you’ve been there since the beginning, a fan before everyone else thought they were cool?